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Professur für ökologische Dienstleistungen – Professor Dr. Thomas Koellner

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4th ESP Europe Conference, Heraklion, Greece

10-14 October 2022

The ESP Regional Conferences offer an unique opportunity to share experiences with the ecosystem service community within the region. This way, regional networks can be strengthened and local participation is encouraged.

Contributions of the Professorship of Ecolgical Services:

  • Haensel et al. (2022) Novel contributions to ecosystem service research - from early-career researcher perspectives (Organization of session O3 YESS) 
  • Schmitt, Haensel, Kaim, Lee, Reinermann, Koellner (2022) Recreation and its synergies and trade-offs with other ecosystem services of (pre-)Alpine grasslands: The role of management, agri-environmental schemes, infrastructural, and environmental factors (Oral Presentation, Session T19)
  • Haensel, Lohse & Koellner (2022) Do grassland policies reflect grassland ecosystem services? Tracking 20 years of legal changes for the European Union, Germany, and the State of Bavaria (Oral presentations, Session T14c)
  • Koellner, Riebl, Haensel, Uniyal, Schmitt, and Versluis (2022) Atlas for Ecosystem Services in Bavaria, Germany: An Interactive Tool to Explore, Evaluate and Suggest Improvements for Ecosystem Services (Oral presentation, Session T4b)
  • Uniyal (2022) Development and analysis of ecosystem services indicators for large scale studies (Oral presentation, Session T3a)
  • Zindler (2022) How different practitioners would like to improve agri-environmental schemes: Suggestions from farmers and stakeholders involved in nature management (Oral presentation, Session S1b)

(Session overview)

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