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​Theses at the Professorship of Ecological Services

General guidelines for thesis


  • find here the registration form for Bachelor, Master and PhD theses at the Professorship of Ecological Services

Plagiarism and guideline of good scientific practice

  • In order to prevent plagiarism in your thesis please refer to the Citation etiquette published by the ETH Zurich. The University of Bayreuth has published the guidelines for good scientific practice (German version only).
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PhD theses

Open PhD Thesis

Guidelines for PhD thesis

Completed PhD theses at the Professorship of Ecological Services

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Master theses

  • 2020 Rina Piotrowski, MSc. Lebensmittel- und Gesundheitswissenschaften, Entwicklung einer regionalen, nachhaltigen und gesunden Ernährungsempfehlung für Bayern (supervision together with Prof. Dr. Eckhard Nagel, UBT)

  • 2020 Steven Myburgh, MSc. GCE, An integrated biophysical-ecosystem assessment of Israel's trade of agricultural crops with respect to embedded virtual waterflows (supervision together with Dr. Stephan Pfister, ETH Zurich)

  • 2020 Cathrin Fütterer, MSc. GCE, Linking Biophysical and Social Assessments of
    Ecosystem Service Bundles in Bavaria (supervision together with Prof. Matthew Hannah, UBT)

  • 2021 Swantje Gebhardt, MSc. GCE, Exploring local and global effects of increased soy cultivation in Bavaria with regard to land use change and ecosystem services (supervision with Dr. Nynke Schulp, Vrije University Amsterdam)

  • 2021 Anna Dietrich, MSc. Lebensmittel- und Gesundheitswissenschaften, Umweltwirkungen der Ernährung – Vergleich unterschiedlicher Ernährungsweisen in Deutschland (supervision with Maria Hänsel, UBT)

  • 2021 Aanu Busari, MSc. GCE, Assessing pollination service in Bavaria using the Invest Tool (supervision with Dr. Anja Jaeschke, UBT)

  • 2021 Miriam Thiemann, MSc. GCE, How societal actors perceive ecosystem services in Bavaria – A study along climate and land-use gradients (supervision with Prof. Dr. Manuel Steinbauer, UBT)

  • 2021 Jakob Bogenreuther, MSc. Geoecology, Biodiversity impacts of food waste: Quantification for supply chain stages and products in Germany (supervision with Dr. Thomas Kastner, Senckenberg Institute Frankfurt)

  • 2021 Alexander Lentge, MSc. GCE, Historical land use and cover classification in Bavaria using eCognition (supervision with Dr. Harald Zandler, UBT)

  • 2021 Taylor C. Blair, MSc. GCE, Comparing Bavarian Crop Yields from 1850s to Today (supervision with Prof. Johanna Pausch, UBT)

  • 2021 Theresa Landwehr, MSc. GCE, Climate change perceptions in Bavaria, Germany - Revealing the influence of societal and climatic factors (supervision with Prof. Manuel Steinbauer, UBT)

  • 2021 Khalil Teber, MSc. GCE, Agricultural Heat Islands: A comparative investigation of cropland warming in Bavaria during the last two decades (supervision with Dr. Harald Zandler, UBT)

Open topics for master thesis

  • see presentation on E-Learning of the lecture Ecosystem services and contact Prof. Koellner & the PES-team directly

Guidelines for Master thesis

Completed Master theses at the Professorship of Ecological Services

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Completed bachelor theses at the Professorship of Ecological Services

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