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Professorship of Ecological Services (PES) – Prof. Dr. Thomas Koellner

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​Theses at the Professorship of Ecological Services

General guidelines and open topics for thesis

Master thesis

  • for open topics see presentation on E-Learning of the lecture Ecosystem services and contact Prof. Koellner & the PES-team directly
  • find here the guideline for master thesis (to be open password protected) of the Professorship of Ecological Services

PhD thesis


  • find here the registration form for Bachelor, Master and PhD theses at the Professorship of Ecological Services

Plagiarism and guideline of good scientific practice

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PhD students

Completed PhD theses at the Professorship of Ecological Services

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Master theses

  • 2021 Lisa Küchen, MSc. GCE, Where and why is landscape considered as 'valuable'? An analysis of societal actors' perceptions across Bavaria (supervision with Prof. Manuel Steinbauer, UBT)

  • 2022 Manuela Zindler, MSc. GCE, Designing agri-environmental schemes - New ideas from different groups of farmers and nature managers in Bavaria (supervision with Maria Hänsel, UBT)

  • 2022 Carolin Wicke, MSc. GCE, Current status and future development of food self-sufficiency in Upper Franconia: A pathway towards a more sustainable food system? (supervision with Prof. Stefan Ouma, UBT)

  • 2022 Juliane Schulz, MSc. Geoecology, Impact of future droughts on the provisioning of freshwater, food and feed and freshwater quality in the Main catchment, Bavaria, Germany (supervision with Dr. Luisa Hopp, UBT)

  • 2022 Alina von Randow, MSc. GCE, The land footprint of the Bavarian food and feed consumption and its impact on biodiversity loss (supervision with Dr. Thomas Kastner,  Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung, Frankfurt am Main)

  • 2022 Cornelia Schweickhardt, MSc. GCE, Green urban infrastructure for urban heat mitigation in Bavaria (supervision with Dr.-Ing. Claudia Hemmerle ( Lehrstuhl für Gebäudetechnologie und klimagerechtes Bauen, Fakultät für Architektur, TUM)

  • 2022 Theresia Romann, MSc. GCE, Stated climate adaptation options from farmers, nature managers, forest managers, and citizens in Bavaria (supervision with Maria Hänsel, UBT)

  • 2022: Polina Bulygina, MSc. GCE, Preferences for agri-environmental schemes depending on perceptions of climate change and ecosystem services (supervision with Maria Hänsel, UBT)

  • 2023 Gabriela Vielma Reyes, MSc. GCE, Comparison of perception of citizens from Bavaria given of Ecosystem Services (ES) of grasslands in time (supervision with Thomas Schmitt, UBT)

Completed Master theses at the Professorship of Ecological Services

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Completed bachelor theses at the Professorship of Ecological Services

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