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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Professorship of Ecological Services (PES) – Prof. Dr. Thomas Koellner

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Special Issue "Global Flows of Ecosystem Services" is published in Ecosystem Services


Global Flows of Ecosystem Services

Edited by Thomas Koellner, Matthias Schröter, Nynke Schulp, Peter Verburg
Volume 31, Part B, Pages 229-288 (June 2018)

Global flows of ecosystem services
Thomas Koellner, Matthias Schröter, Catharina J.E. Schulp, Peter H. Verburg
Pages 229-230

Research article (Open access)
Interregional flows of ecosystem services: Concepts, typology and four cases
Matthias Schröter, Thomas Koellner, Rob Alkemade, Sebastian Arnhold, ... Aletta Bonn
Pages 231-241

Research article (Abstract only)
An integrated biophysical and ecosystem approach as a base for ecosystem services analysis across regions
Dor Fridman, Meidad Kissinger
Pages 242-254

Research article (Abstract only)
Quantifying ecosystem service flows at multiple scales across the range of a long-distance migratory species
Darius J. Semmens, Jay E. Diffendorfer, Kenneth J. Bagstad, Ruscena Wiederholt, ... Laura López-Hoffman
Pages 255-264

Research article (Abstract only)
Most finance to halt desertification also benefits multiple ecosystem services: A key to unlock investments in Land Degradation Neutrality?
Simone Quatrini, Neville D. Crossman
Pages 265-277

Research article (Open access)
Mapping the global distribution of locally-generated marine ecosystem services: The case of the West and Central Pacific Ocean tuna fisheries
Evangelia G. Drakou, John Virdin, Linwood Pendleton
Pages 278-288

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