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Professorship of Ecological Services (PES) – Prof. Dr. Thomas Koellner

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PhD workshop "Ecosystem Services" Uni Bayreuth

Date: October 9 and 10, 2012 from 9:15 to 17:00, Dinner at Tuesday 18:00, Miam Miam Glou Glou
Venue: University of Bayreuth, GEO 2, S 23

Teilnehmer PhD workshop "Ecosystem Services", Uni Bayreuth

Presentations (each 30-45 minutes) and discussion of the work under the following topics:

A) Decision-making of land users and their impact on ecosystem services

Land-use decision modelling of farmers in a South-Korean watershed - A Bayesian Network approach based on the Theory of Planned Behavior. by Patrick Poppenborg, University of Bayreuth
The better off, the lower farmers´ environmental and cultural awareness: comparing decision-making in Southern Illinois (U.S.) and the Entlebuch (Switzerland). by Enrico Celio, ETH Zurich
Spatial Distribution of Agricultural Land-use Changes according to Farmers’ Response to Land Policies-Modeling Approach. by Ilkwon Kim, University of Bayreuth
Trade-offs in decision-making of farmers in Soyang Watershed of South Korea: ecosystem services. by Saem Lee, University of Bayreuth
B) Mapping ecosystem services' supply and demand

Analysis of the fuelwood demand-supply chain in the Western Pamirs, Tajikistan. by Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, University of Bayreuth
Object-oriented approach for mapping ecosystem services supplies & demands in Bale mountains of Ethiopia using RapidEye images. by Yohannes Ayanu, University of Bayreuth
LULC classification and change analysis: reconstruction of LUCC history of Haean catchment, South Korea. by Bumsuk Seo, University of Bayreuth
C) Optimization, governance and policy instruments for ecosystem services

Tradeoffs and Optimization of Ecosystem Services: Some Case Studies. by Trung Thanh Nguyen, University of Bayreuth
D) Global land use impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services

How quickly does biodiversity recover following disturbance? by Michael Curran, ETH Zurich
Master theses flashlights
At the end of the workshop master from University Bayreuth  students who have finished or are close to finalization can present their work in a flashlight with max. 5 slides in 10 min.
Does crop diversity stabilise farmers’ income? Times series analysis of agro-economical data from South Korea. by Heera Lee, MSc GCE (topic A)
Testing mitigation options to improve agricultural management regarding N-fluxes versus crop yield – Insights from a modeling study with landscape DNDC. by Luiz Horta, MSc GCE (topic A)
Constructed wetlands as a solution to purify the waste water? by Nikola Stankowic, MSc GCE (topic A)
Interactions among ecosystem services: Applying bagplots to trade-off analysis. by Cornelius Jopke, BSc Geoecology (topic B)
Biodiversity impact of land use in Life Cycle Assessment: comparison of organic and conventional milk. by Carina Müller, MSc Geoecology (topic D)

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