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Professorship of Ecological Services (PES) – Prof. Dr. Thomas Koellner

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Special issue "Global Land Use Impacts on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in LCA" in the Int J Life Cycle Assess, Vol 18, Issue 6, July 2013

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Part A: Foundations

  • Koellner T, L de Baan, T Beck, M Brandão, B Civit, M Margni, L Milà i Canals, R Saad, D Maia de Souza and R Müller-Wenk (2013a): UNEP-SETAC Guideline on Global Land Use Impact Assessment on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in LCA. Int J LCA 18 (6): 1188-1202 Abstract and pdf (open access) the electronic annex of this paper holds the Excel-files with all CFs developed in this special issue

  • Koellner T, L de Baan, T Beck, M Brandão, B Civit, M Goedkoop, M Margni, L Milà i Canals, R Müller-Wenk, B Weidema and B Wittstock (2013b): Principles for Life Cycle Inventories of land use on a global scale. Int J LCA 18 (6): 1203-1215 Abstract and pdf

Part B: Modelling Characterization Factors for Biodiversity

  • de Baan L, R Alkemade and T Koellner (2013): Land use impacts on biodiversity in LCA: a global approach. Int J LCA 18 (6): 1216-1230  Abstract and pdf

  • Maia de Souza D, D Flynn, F DeClerck, R Rosenbaum, H de Melo Lisboa and T Koellner (2013): Land use impacts on functional species diversity: proposal of characterization factors to assess effects on ecosystem processes. Int J LCA 18 (6): 1231-1242 Abstract and pdf

Part C: Modelling Characterization Factors for Ecosystem Services

  • Brandão M and L Milà i Canals (2013): Global characterisation factors to assess land use impacts on biotic production. Int J LCA  18 (6): 1243-1252 Abstract and pdf

  • Müller-Wenk R and M Brandão (2010): Climatic impact of land use in LCA—carbon transfers between vegetation/soil and air. Int J LCA 15: 172-182 Abstract and pdf

  • Saad R, T Koellner and M Margni (2013): Land use impacts on freshwater regulation, erosion regulation and water purification: a spatial approach for a global scale level. Int J LCA 18 (6): 1253-1264  Abstract and pdf

Part D: Application to Case Studies

  • Milà i Canals L, G Rigarlsford G and S Sim (2013): Land use impact assessment of Margarine. Int J LCA  18 (6): 1265-1277  Abstract and pdf

Electronic Appendix

Excel file with complete cross tabulation of land use types and biomes for organizing generic characterization factors CFs (cf. Koellner et al. 2013b in table 3) Download here

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